St. Andrew’s honours top students

St. Andrew’s School recognized its Athletes-of-the-Year. Left-right are junior high female athlete-of-the year-Ella Deering and overall top junior high athlete-of-the-year Daisy Porisky with athletic director Stewart McIntyre. Missing are junior high male athlete-of-the-year Andres Scarborough, senior high female athlete- of-the-year Grace Pardell, and senior high male athlete-of-the-year Justin Gorospe.

St. Andrew’s Catholic School in High Prairie presented awards to junior and senior high school students during the Celebrations of Learning, June 15
Overall Honour Roll – Grade 7

Abbie Cottingham, Caci Cunningham, Ella Deering, Emily Donahue, Callista Gomes, Konnor Killoran-Cox, Taylor Oliver-Guerin, Owen Ostermeier, Caleb Pruden, Anne-Marie Reyes, Amelia Vanderwell.
Overall Honour Roll – Grade 8

Carmi Ampo, Kendyl Backs, Georgia Boerchers, Anna Gordon, Mackenzie Kasinec, Jacob Kosak, Macey Shaw.
Overall Honour Roll – Grade 9

Danielle Beaver, Jordan Elko, Jared Gomes, Hope Keshen, Sebastien Lamoureux.
Overall Honour Roll – Grade 10

Jerome Javier.
Student Council Award

Jonathan Parke.

St. Andrew’s School 2016-17 Athletic Awards


Jr. High Female Most Valuable Player Mariah Herben
Jr. High Male Most Valuable Player Jayden Rothwell
Jr. High Female Most Improved Player Abbie Cottingham
Jr. High Male Most Improved Player Sebastien Lamoureux.
Sr. High Most Valuable Player Grace Pardell.
Sr. High Most Improved Player Kelsi Smith.
Senior High Girls Volleyball

Most Valuable Player Grace Pardell.
Most Improved Player Kelsi Smith.

Most Valuable Player Hope Keshen.
Most Improved Player Tanasity Smith.
Track and Field

Most Valuable Junior High Female Macey Shaw.
Most Valuable Junior High Male Keenan Price.
High Prairie Renegades Football

Offensive Player-of-the-Year Ethan Gladue.
Defensive Player-of-the-Year Justin Gorospe.
Rookie-of-the-Year Jonas Smith.
Most Improved Player Daniel Kosak.

The Christian Leadership Award was presented to two students. Left-right, are teacher Linda VandenBerg, Hope Keshen [Grade 9] and Alix Lamothe [Grade 12], and Holy Family Catholic Regional Division local trustee Carmelle Lizee.
Integrity Awards were also presented. Left-right, are Cassidy Chalifoux, Taylor Oliver-Guerin, Keenan Price, Anna Gordon, Ella Deering and Danielle Beaver. Missing are Justin Gorospe, Mitchell Wilson, Elle MacIntosh, Kaylee Ferguson, Katrina Gauchier, Ference Simogen, Jacob Kosak and Daniel Kosak.
Perseverance Awards were presented to several students. Left-right, are wellness coach Christian Collett, Heidi Sanders, Jerome Javier, Layton Gauchier and wellness coach Claire Warren. Missing are Christian Vance, Darien New, Damien Willier, Marcus Willier and Kelsi Smith.

Artist-of-the-Year Award recipients received certificates. Left-right, are Jerome Javier [Grade 10], Hope Keshen [Grade 9] and Anne-Marie Reyes [Grade 7] with art teacher Cari Johnston. Missing are Carmi Ampo [Grade 8], Jade Gauchier [Grade 11] and Marcus Willier [Grade 12].
Up and-Coming Artist Award recipients received certificates. Left-right, are Tanner Cunningham [Grade 10], Daisy Porisky [Grade 8] and Jade Coates [Grade 7] with art teacher Cari Johnston. Missing are Katrina Gauchier [Grade 9], Alyssa Bourke [Grade 11] and Sheila Ominayak [Grade 12].

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