St. Andrew’s celebrates 19 graduates

Ajee Auger, right, receives an eagle feather from Sucker Creek First Nations Chief Jim Badger.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

St. Andrew’s Catholic School in High Prairie honoured 19 graduates in the Class of 2018 on Aug. 25.

The World is Our Stage was the theme for ceremonies at the Edmo Peyre Hall after Mass at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church.

Several speakers encouraged and congratulated the graduates.

“We will take today to celebrate, but we will also take this day to look back into our past, hopefully with good thoughts and look forward into our future, hopefully with enthusiasm,” says class valedictorian Daniel Kosak.

Kosak was also presented the Governor General’s Academic Medal for top academic student in the class.

Messages were expressed from Holy Family Catholic Regional School Division.

“Remember the school motto, Let Your Light Shine to Others, says Carmelle Lize, trustee for High Prairie.

Other words were added by Supt. Betty Turpin.

“Make you own future, make your own hope,” Turpin says.

“Whatever your beliefs, honour your creator, not by passively waiting for ‘it’ to come down from above, but by doing what you can to make it happen.

“Put your knowledge, skills and insights into the decisions you make.”

Leaders of the Town of High Prairie and Big Lakes County congratulated the graduates.

“As you pursue your dreams, remember that if you find what you are passionate about and what you are good at, you will be successful,” High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk says.

“Find your balance of passion and expertise, and you will be excited about every day.”

He also encouraged the students to not think that students from small towns have little hope.

“Remember that High Prairie graduates have gone on to be successful, locally, provincially and even internationally,” Panasiuk says.

“Start this next chapter of your life with the confidence that you are ready for what lies ahead.”

Big Lakes Reeve Ken Matthews added his congratulations.

“The best advice I can give you is that whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it, don’t be afraid to change direction and remember what you do always affects others,” Matthews says.

St. Andrew’s teachers Kelsey Voysey and Ken Kosak were the guest speakers.

Graduates were blessed during mass.

“Be mentors to others and leaders in your community,” Father George Okoye says.


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