Slow down in hamlets in Big Lakes County

Digital sign shows speeds of passing vehicles in High Prairie and could be coming to areas of Big Lakes County.

Richard Froese
South Peace News
Speed limits could soon be the same in hamlets in Big Lakes County, and lower in some hamlets.

At its regular meeting Aug. 9, council gave first two readings to a bylaw to lower the speed limit to 40 kilometres per hour in all hamlets.

That was expanded from a request by Joussard Councillor Ed Podollan to reduce the speed limit in Joussard only.

“It was a concern by ratepayers and tourists about speeding drivers,” Podollan says.
“People are walking and cycling on the roadway beside vehicles and lower speed limits would be safer.”

A public hearing will be held before council considers final reading.

“I think we should make it consistent in all hamlets,” Reeve Ken Matthews says.
“Then it’s easier to police.”

Currently the speed limit in Joussard, Grouard and Enilda is 50 kilometres per hour and 40 in Kinuso and Faust.

Faust Councillor Robert Nygaard opposed the reduced speed limits and readings of the bylaw, but gave no reason.

Speed reader signs could be coming to the county to remind motorists of their speeds.

“They are excellent and we should consider them at budget time,” Kinuso Councillor Ken Killeen says.
“People would pay more attention to them and their speed.”

Council enquired about the signs when Town of High Prairie senior peace officer Alan Bloom and peace officer Erica Thiessen who updated council with its services to the county.

The town has several signs, that Bloom says cost about $3,000-$4,000.

“You could put them in hamlets and it would surprise people,” Thiessen says.

Signs are portable and can be moved around to various locations.

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