Science in Motion visits Joussard School

Danielle Fortier reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Danielle Fortier
Joussard Reporter

Hello folks, this is Danielle Fortier bringing you the news from Joussard School. I am filling in for Danielle Calliou this week.

In kindergarten, I found out our littlest students are doing lots of great learning things. They are learning alphabet letters and sounds of course, as well as the numbers and what they stand for. The students are able to recognize how many objects are in a group just by a glance now. They are learning about 10 frames and what they mean. The students were also very excited to let me know they went skating today with the Grade 2 kids.

Our Grade 1 students are about as busy as our kindergarten kids are. They have been using their garden as a great learning experience. They are taking pictures of the plants with their iPads and then writing about them. They have learned bean plants climb and cucumbers creep. The kids are all looking forward to when the beans and cucumbers start forming.

Students in Grade 2 were excited to tell me about their field trip within their classroom. They said they got fake tickets and fake passports and went on a fake airplane. They ‘travelled’ to Meteghan, N.S. They learned how to get to Meteghan and saw its geography. This was such a fun way to learn.

Grade 3 students are having a great time learning how weight is supported in their Science class. They are building pillars and then experimenting to see how much weight their pillars can support. The students also told me they are learning about hockey as they play it in their P.E. classes.

Our Grade 4 students have been doing interesting things in Science. They have built water rigs and catapults. These have been fun to test out. The students also reported they have been working on research projects.

The students in Grade 5 got the opportunity today to see some of the students from HPE as both schools attended the Land-Based learning experience at Sucker Creek. This time the students learned all about traditional feasts and got to help the Elders prepare a feast. Good food!

In Grade 6, the students are keeping the upcoming Provincial Achievement Tests in mind already as they polish up their skills in basic operations. They are also learning algebra and finding that it is not as difficult as it sounds. In Science, the Grade 6 class is learning all about flight, air and aerodynamics. This involves making and flying paper airplanes, so that’s fun.

Everyone had a great time learning about the wonders of Science through the presentations of Science in Motion. One of the highlights was when the scientist created a hovercraft and pushed in around the gym with a broom. One of our students got a fabulous little ride!

Thanks for reading my information about our school and please check in with Danielle Calliou’s report next week.

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