School’s beloved tipi restored

Samara Laboucan reports the news from Joussard School.
Samara Laboucan
Joussard Reporter

Joussard School sends out a huge hello this week to everyone reading my report. My name is Samara Laboucan and once again I went from classroom to classroom, interviewing kids to find out what fun things they have been doing over the past week.

In kindergarten, the students told me they are making long houses in their Cree class. The kids learned that the Iroquois First Nations lived in these types of houses. The kids are having lots of fun making these houses and thinking about what they were like to live in.

Our Grade 1 students have been making lots and lots of patterns, using all sorts of items. They are enjoying this. The little kids have also been using playdough to make letters and numbers. This helps them remember what they have learned.

In Grade 2, our students have been enjoying the nice fall weather and recess time is great fun. They are also learning about the Iroquois people in Cree class and the way their lives were the same or different than theirs.

Students in Grade 3 are proving to be quite gifted as self portrait artists. They carefully considered their own features and characteristics and then put them to paper. We have some fabulous portraits lining our hallways.

In Grade Four, students recently enjoyed one of the traditional fall school activities – going for a walk outside and collecting leaves. They were able to collect a varied and very colourful bunch of leaves which they used for a fall art project.

Our students in Grade 5 have had a great time learning great dances during their movement breaks in the afternoon. This allows them to have fun and get rid of some energy so they can learn even better.

Our Grade 6 students will be leaders in our Orange Shirt Day Sept. 28. The school will have a Round Dance to remember the children impacted by the residential schools.

We would like to send out a huge thank you to Denny Bellerose, who noticed the sad state of our beloved tipi in the atrium. He cut new poles and restored our tipi to a fine shape.

Thank you for reading my report! I’ll be back!

Grade 3 student Melody Giroux shows her self-portrait, which does look remarkably like her.
Denny Bellerose, left, brings in fresh poles and restores Joussard School’s tipi to its former glory. Jamie Chalifoux, right, lends a helping hand while Kira Bellerose, daughter of Denny, supervises while sitting inside.


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