School plans annual Terry Fox Run

Samara Laboucan reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Samara Laboucan
Joussard Reporter

Greetings once again from Joussard School. This is Samara Laboucan bringing you our news.

Our kindergarten students were happy to let me know they have been learning all about apple trees and to make it even more interesting, they tasted some apple jam. This is a very healthy way to learn about apple trees.

In Grade 1, our students reported they have been busy reading and writing. They are also very pleased with the colourful bees they created as they learn how important bees are.

Grade 2 students have been busy learning all about colours. They are in the midst of an experiment where they are learning what the primary colours are and discovering what happens when they mix these colours.

In Grade 3, our students have been learning about rocks and how to identify minerals in them. They also reported they are having a great time learning to play “Capture the Flag.”

Students in Grade 4 have been enjoying their Social Studies class as they research what their names mean. This has been proving to be very interesting.

Our Grade 5 students have been learning all about static electricity in Science. This is a lively study.

In Grade 6, our students learned so much from our Indigenous Success Coach, Jamie Chalifoux, about Orange Shirt Day. They learned this special day is to deliver the message that all children matter and that it originated with a little girl who lost her special orange shirt when she went to a residential school.

We had a great open house last night with lots of people wandering our school for a scavenger hunt. There was lots of visiting and laughing and some good snacks. It was a wonderful evening and we are so glad that everyone came!

This afternoon we will do the Terry Fox Run. We are hoping to raise lots of money for cancer research. Please read our report in the news next week.

Thanks again for reading my report.

Beautiful Bellerose, left, and Troy Bellerose proudly display the bees they created in their study of bees.
Grade 2 students, Charlene Caudron, left, and Blossom Isadore-Bellerose, check on their experiment with colours.


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