School boards seek clarity

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Protecting rural schools and education are in the forefront for local school divisions in the provincial election campaign.

High Prairie School Division board chair Tammy Henkel says funding and the future are priorities.

“With the upcoming election, it is critical for our board to make sure all parties are committed to supporting our students with adequate funding,” Henkel says.

“We will continue to advocate for support of our rural students to be provided with the same learning opportunities available to students in our larger communities.”

She says the school division wants a healthy future for education.

“As a board in a small rural area, we face many challenges with long- term, predictable, sustainable funding, that often falls short of the economic realities of living and educating our children in our rural communities,” Henkel says.

HPSD also has issues with future curriculum.

“We are very concerned about the potential discontinuation of curriculum development across six subject areas, at all grade levels,” Henkel says.

“There have been party positions released recently that could see this work shelved because of political positioning which ultimately is only going to reduce our students’ ability to succeed in an ever changing world.

“Our current curriculum ranges from eight to 30 years old and we need to ensure that our students are being educated to succeed in the world of tomorrow.”

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division simply states two questions to reflect its top priorities.

“Rather than provide the top two issues, HFCRD would pose the following two questions to the candidates,” says Kelly Whalen, who chairs the board.

“What are your party’s position and your personal position on choice for families on publically fully-funded Catholic Schools?

“What are your party’s position and your personal position on locally-elected school boards?”

Northland School Division wants a government that supports community needs.

“The government has been working with Northlands to understand the diverse learning needs of our students and we expect that work to continue,” says Maddy Daniels, who chairs the board.

“The Northland board is focused on students and supporting strategies to improve overall student success.

“To ensure students are strong in identity, healthy and successful, NSD has developed strategies to improve daily attendance division-wide, achievement results and graduation rates.”

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