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Pat Rehn . . .United Conservatives

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Pat Rehn is the United Conservative Party candidate for the riding of Lesser Slave Lake.

Rehn, 52, grew up in Wildwood, a small town west of Edmonton. He taught at a Catholic high school before going into business in saw-milling and logging. He has owned a crane company for 12 years.

Rehn moved to Slave Lake last year, but has been connected with the area for 21 years and working in it for over 15 years. In 1998, he bought a sawmill in Wabasca which he owned for a bit over a year. In 2003, he started buying land by High Prairie, Sunset House, and Joussard. He logged this land and still owns it.

Now that Rehn’s sons are grown, it’s time for a new challenge.

He’s been campaigning since last April and officially getting memberships since September.

“I’ve been concentrating on what I hear from people going door to door: economy, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, no pipelines, and the carbon tax.”

Rehn respects all people who serve.

“I feel I’ve been blessed with all the success [in business]. At the same time you have to ask if it’s time to give back.”

His reasons for running are familiar ones and probably don’t differ much from other UCP supporters. The economy is lagging and something should be done to bring it back.

“We need people with some fiscal management [experience],” Rehn says. “To step forward in a time of need.”

Rehn says the UCP can do “the right things” economically, and “still be environmentally responsible.” He adds he’s been a conservative since he was first able to vote, and supported the unification of Alberta’s two right-wing parties.

If successful, Rehn is ready to go into the job full-time and turn the management of his business over to someone else.

Campaign promises include removing the carbon tax.

“The carbon tax is hurting a lot of businesses, and of course pipelines are a big issued – to get fair market prices and also help with expansion.”

He also wants to rid Alberta of Bill 6 which hurts farmers and ranchers.

And, of course, work on getting pipelines built. Part of the strategy is to make sure the correct information is being sent out about Alberta oil and gas, and how environmentally friendly and regulated it is.

He also promises to back global investment.

“It’s time to show the world that Alberta is, once again, open for business. I will use my experience to help the UCP attract global investment and create jobs.”

Part of the goal is to also eliminate red tape on business to make investment friendlier.

Rehn believes the United Conservative Party has been listening to peoples’ concerns about the economy and has the best policies, leaders, and candidates to help people and bring back the Alberta advantage.

“I am ready to undo the damage the NDP has done and rebuild the Alberta Advantage. With your grassroots support, I will ensure Alberta is strong for for the next generation, as it was for us,” reads a statement on his Website.

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