Recycling program begins at HPE

This is Grade 5 with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

In Grade 2CL, they are having so much fun learning about magnets. They are making hypotheses, exploring, asking questions and making connections. They love learning in 2CL!

Recycling has commenced in Grade 5P. Our school-wide collection of juice boxes, Yops, ect. is well underway. If anyone has bottles to donate call the school. We would love to have them.

Grade 3Z has been busy learning about rocks and minerals. They went for a “Rock Walk” in Jaycee Park and found unique rocks to study. The students are learning about number patterns in Math and about the seven continents in Social Studies and our homes in relation to other places in the world.

In recognition of Canadian Heritage Day, Grade 3J and Grade 3Z students sampled food from the Ukraine. The pyrogies were a bigger hit than the borscht. Thank you to the Grade 3 teachers for cooking for the students.

Grade 4S students are sharpening their Social Studies mapping skills by playing Geoguesser on the computer to introduce geography. In Math, students are looking at open-ended number sense problems, comparing and ordering numbers. Phys. Ed. is fun as they continue to build some great team building games like battleship.

Grade 4S students are also feeding worms – vermi-worms to be exact. They have to describe alternative methods of disposing waste made by humans.

HPE had a very successful open house last week. Many, many families attended and saw first-hand where their children spend their day. There was artwork up, Math to be seen, Science to look at and teachers to meet.

Parents and/or guardians, please do not use the bus lanes or staff parking lot to drop off or pick up your children. Please do not park in staff parking as the stalls are assigned. Thanks for your cooperation.

Our new Safety Patrollers took their training last week. They are ready to help our students cross the street safely.

Please watch for them as you drive on the streets by our school.

Sept. 25, for K-3 students, and Sept. 26, for Grade 4-6 students, are our picture taking days. Remember to send your child to school with their biggest smile!

Sept. 27 is our Terry Fox Walk. Once again HPE will be walking with Prairie River Junior High School and E.W. Pratt High School. You are still able to send in your Toonies for Terry. The funds will be donated to the Terry Fox Cancer Foundation again this year.

This week on Friday, Sept. 28, HPE will recognize Orange Shirt Day. This day is set aside to acknowledge the young First Nations children who were taken and sent to residential schools across Canada. If your child has an orange shirt at home, please have them wear it on this day.

Our first month-end assembly with be of Friday, Sept. 28, at about 12:45. All families of our HPE students are welcome to attend.

Grade 5C will again be participating in an open house with our school friends in England. They will be spending apart of their afternoon in a Google Hangout playing geography games with Belvidere school in Shrewsberry, England. The students are very excited on both sides of the ocean!

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

Grade 4S Science students Rebecca Stewart, left, and Evonie Auger feed vermi-worms during Science. Students are learning alternative methods of disposing waste made by humans.


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