‘Purr’fectly unacceptable

Cat attack has resident fuming

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A High Prairie man attacked by a stray cat in his yard spent several days in hospital for treatment of his injuries.
Andy Bruneau vented his frustrations at High Prairie town council July 24 after being bitten and scratched the previous week.
“I spent four days in hospital, eight hours a day getting an IV,” said Bruneau.
“And I had to go to Grande Prairie for an Ultrasound.
“To me, that should be enough for the town to do something about the matter.”
Bruneau suffered swelling in his hand so badly he could not close it.
“To me, that’s not right.”
Councillor Donna Deynaka asked Bru- neau for suggestions.
“Put a team together and go capture these cats. It’s been an ongoing problem. It’s time something is done.”
Town CAO Brian Martinson said the town does offer cat traps to residents to deal with the problem. Bruneau, who lives on the street between High Prairie Elementary and E.W. Pratt schools, found the option unacceptable due to the cost of a deposit, which he said he could not afford after his hospital stay and trip to Grande Prairie.
Bruneau also did not agree the problem was his responsibility, citing the town’s own bylaws.
“It’s in the bylaw [cats] are not allowed to be loose,” he said.
“To me, the town should be liable for my injuries.
“I would like something done about this. It’s not my responsibility to uphold the bylaw. It’s the peace officers.”
Councillor Michael Long sympathized with Bruneau.
“Dispose of the cats, yes. They need to be disposed of.”
“I totally agree with you,” added Councillor Judy Stenhouse. “We need to be responsible pet owners.”
Mayor Brian Pana- siuk replied council will discuss “solutions” and inform Bruneau of their plan.
Bruneau works for McLaren Technical and is all over town daily dealing with calls.
“I see hundreds of stray cats in this town.”
Bruneau added he is not allowed to deal with the cats himself or he would face the wrath of the law if they are harmed.
In the Woods Animal Rescue picks up cats after they are trapped.
Bruneau also feels of the safety of his girlfriend’s children aged five, seven and eight. While the cats in the house are safe, he fears the children may be attacked and injured if they approach a stray cat thinking it’s friendly.


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