Poulter remembered as a man of passion

Mike Poulter when he owned Ampersand health food store in 1998.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News
Former Town of High Prairie councillor Mike Poulter is being remembered as a man of passion, whether it be politics, the library, or his beloved homeland, England.

Poulter passed away last week at the age of 77. He was found dead in his home.

“I knew Mike both as a politician, when he ran for various offices, and as a business person when he operated his own retail store,” says South Peace News editorial writer Jeff Burgar, who served with Poulter on town council.
“Over the years, as he was successful in running for council and unsuccessful, you could always count on Mike to know the details of government, what the rules were and when they were being bent or broken.”

At times, it frustrated other members of council, but that never deterred Poulter from being a stickler for detail.

“Most politicians don’t pay attention to what the law says and many times will head off in directions that just aren’t legal,” says Burgar. “Mike would always bring them back in line if he was in office, or else would often comment to anybody who would listen what was happening.”

Poulter arrived in High Prairie in 1978 and worked as a teacher. He grew up in war-torn London.

Poulter was first elected to council from 1980-83 and again from 2001-04. He also served from late 2012-13. He served on various committees and especially enjoyed time with the High Prairie Municipal Library. He was a staunch supporter of the library and education.

Poulter was also a former president of the High Prairie Legion and never missed a Remembrance Day service. He also offered his services for the radio broadcast of the service.

Poulter also rejoiced when his beloved NDP finally won the Alberta election two years ago.

Poulter was working as a clerk for Glamour and Gear at the time of his death.

“There is no doubt Mike had his opinions. But, if you didn’t agree with him, he didn’t hold a grudge like too many people do, especially those who somehow find themselves in public office,” says Burgar.

“Mike seemed to always accept that many people would not have the same opinion as he did, and he was fine with that.”

The Town of High Prairie recognized Poulter’s death by lowering flags to half-staff.

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