Blood-thirsty pirates use song to choose leader

Avast! Fearsome pirates sing and sway their swords during the musical, Left-right are Green Beard Max Janzen, Orange Beard Layla Yellowknee, Purple Beard Malcolm Cooper, and Grey Beard Joseph Gill.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

These vicious pirates never use swords or guns to fight their battles.

Rather, they used the power of music!

Grade 6 students at High Prairie Elementary School staged Pirates: The Musical June 6 in the school gym. Under the direction of Andrea Pollack and Crystal Hopps – and several other staff – the students’ energy resonated throughout the gym in song and dance.

The musical tells the tale of Stowaway, a young man who desperately wants to be a pirate. He persists in pursing his dream only to find himself in the brig, and possibly a short walk down the plank in the near future to hungry sharks.

However, the lead pirate, King of the High C’s, gets a bad case of laryngitis and the crew is desperate to search for a new leader. Suddenly, Stowaway sings to the delight of the crew, who say they never heard anything so beautiful. Stowaway is welcomed onto the ship and becomes a pirate.

Pollack says the students started practicing in February by listening to the play. As time wore on, parts were assigned with students making a 100 per cent commitment to the production.

Although all the students were not on stage, all had a part in the play.

“We had sound crews, everyone had a part,” says Pollack. “Not everyone wants to be on stage.”

It was pleasing to Pollack that so many students auditioned she amended the script to include new characters.

Grade 6 students interested in pursing their drama roles are transitioning into the junior high program.


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