PICs – Treaty 8 awards, all-star winners

Most valuable player in the Men’s Division, Ira Gladue, right, of the Whitefish Lake Hawks, accepts award from volunteer Brandy Giroux.

Women’s Division All-Stars

MVP – Elisha Cunningham – Driftpile
Forward – Marlo Chalifoux – Driftpile
Forward – Chasity Knibb – Sturgeon Lake
Forward – Erin Napio – Sturgeon Lake
Defence – Kali Cunningham – Driftpile
Defence – Cree Goodswimmer – Sturgeon Lake

Men’s Division All-Stars

MVP – Ira Gladue – Whitefish Lake
Forward – Jacob Anderson – Whitefish Lake
Forward – Mike Cardinal – Bigstone
Forward – Gordy Laderoute – Whitefish Lake
Defence – Craig Van de Ligt – Whitefish
Defence – Damion Cardinal – Bigstone
Goalie – Sanford Lamouche – Whitefish Lake

Legends Division All-Stars

MVP – Morin Yellowknee – Bigstone
Forward – Lewis Napio – Sturgeon Lake
Foward – Francis Alook – Bigstone
Forward – Jason Boman – Sturgeon Lake
Defence – Cameron Chowace – Sturgeon Lake
Defence – Marcel Auger – Bigstone
Goalie – Aaron Cardinal – Bigstone

Memorial Awards in Women’s Division:

Heart and Hustle Jazz Award (in memory of Jazz Ferguson)

  • Raelyn Horseman of Sturgeon Lake

Top Defence Ash 16 Award (in memory of Ashley Laderoute) –

  • Cree Goodswimmer of Sturgeon Lake

Chewey Award for Top Goalie (in memory of Dannyl Okemow)

  • Sarah Neufeld of Driftpile
Most valuable player in the Legends Division, Morin Yellowknee, right, of Bigstone Cree Nation, accepts his award from volunteer Yvonne Hamelin.
Most valuable player in the Women’s Division, Elisha Cunningham, of Driftpile First Nation, second from right, receives award from volunteers, left-right, Norm Laderoute, Karen Okemow and Leonell Hamelin.

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