PICs – St. Andrew’s holds 2 Christmas concerts

The St. Andrew’s Grade 2-3 concert on Dec. 14 told the story of the birth of Jesus Christ through the eyes of a shepherd named Zoey. Left-right are Kahlen Lewis, Junior Isadore-Francis, Jemma Hesse, Hayes Olanski, Christian Anderson and Rylee Letendre.
St. Andrew’s students sing Jingle Bells on Dec. 14. Left-right are Meagan Flores, Brynn Billings, Zennyn Auger, Nadene Tolentino, Shae Payne and Danica Haire.
St. Andrew’s students sing Must Be Santa complete with actions on Dec. 14. Left-right are Nala Palisoc, Reese Mohr, Keisha Sutherland and Logan Gauchier. Don’t fall asleep!
Jullisa Wilkinson seems to be asking the question, “Will this concert ever be over?” on Dec. 13. Nevertheless, she did dress for the occasion.
St. Andrew’s ECS students sing at the Dec. 13 concert above their sign wishing everyone the best. Left-right are Serenity Forseille, Madykx L’Hirondelle, and Lexie Tiffin.
Dhanni Ferguson, left, and Peighton Nygaard give an enthusiastic cheer during their song on Dec. 14.
St. Andrew’s ECS students sing at the Dec. 13 concert although some were more shy than others. Left-right are Hattie Martinson, Noah Meunier and Julene Wilkinson.

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