PICs – Hospital opening ceremony

Three local residents who were instrumental in bringing the new health complex to High Prairie were among many community and health leaders who received special gifts from the Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council. Left-right, are George Keay, Diana Oliver and Barry Sharkawi with Whitefish Lake First Nation Chief Robert Grey.
Whitefish Lake First Nation and Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council presented a wall hanging “to honour and recognize our respect and commitment to work together for improved health programs and services to all people in this geographic area. Eyes of the eagles represent vision – two are better than one, working together, helping one another.”
Women from Peavine Metis Settlement perform jigging. Left-right, are Ashley Letendre, Tammy Gauchier and Kayla Halcrow.
The Kiwitin Spirit Dancers of Driftpile First Nation performed a traditional dance during the ceremony. Left-right, are Ryan Desjarlais, Rita Bellerose, and Merle Supernault.

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