PIC – Over 2 centuries of service

High Prairie town council had the honour of presenting awards to its long-term employees Oct. 10. The awards started at five years and went up to 30 years. Council recognizes employee’s contributions toward the team’s success. Employees’ commitment has been exemplary and their hard work is an inspiration to everyone around you. Well done! Left-right are Peter Keay [25 years], Vern Walker [30 years], Leonell Hamelin [10 years], Kerry Gordey [15 years], Mike Denty [15 years], Brian Martinson [25 years], Don Dube [10 years], Anita Fisher [five years], Tim Roberts [five years], and Joe Hyde [20 years]. Missing were Veronica Belcourt [five years], Alan Bloom [10 years], and Tom McNabb [20 years]. Together, the employees have amassed 214 years of service. Some employees have exceeded the five-year increments so the total of 214 does not match the awards total.

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