PIC – Drefs wins contest

High Prairie Elementary School Grade 6 student Ilona Drefs, left, won first place in Junior Poems, Royal Canadian Legion District level, in the annual Remembrance Day contest. Presenting Drefs with her $80 prize and certificate is High Prairie Legion president Don Ebbett. Drefs earlier received $75 for winning the High Prairie Branch contest. Below is Dref’s winning poem, which she will read at the Nov. 11 Remembrance Day ceremony.

As We Remember Them

By Ilona Drefs

While we are safe and warm at night,
The soldiers at war are cold and scared, brooding
over the day’s fight.

Waiting for the next ambush or bomb,
It is nearly impossible to stay calm.

With only love keeping them from giving up hope,
The thought of their family’s freedom helps them

With all the horrors of war,
Their friends are giving their live for
all the children in the future.

We often underestimate their sacrifice,
But there is no time to think twice.

Most soldiers are angels on earth,
They took a stand and gave us mirth.

To those who are or aren’t still among us. . .don’t fret.
For we shall never forget.


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