PIC – Bounty collected

More than double! It is how much food was collected by students at Prairie River Junior High School during their Tricks for Eats drive Halloween night. Students collected 387 pounds of food for the High Prairie and District Food Bank. “It is nice to see that we had more than double the amount of food donated compared to last year,” says PRJH teacher Kelly Carlson. “I am very proud of our students. It’s nice to see them giving back to our community. One student said to me at the end of the evening how happy they were to have participated and how good it felt to be able to give to others. Sure makes the project special when not only the food bank benefits but also the students of our school.” Left-right are Liam Roberts, Mya Cardinal, Jade Tancowny, Elizabeth Romick, Romi Emter, Olivia Hopps, Erica Glanville, Abigail Barton, Rayne Willcott, Morgan Willier, Cash Kay, Danelle Gacuya, Zachary Grace and Jada Auger.

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