Pale yellow iris confirmed in county

A pale yellow iris flower has distinctive purple/brown veins on the petals.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

An initial report of pale yellow iris has Big Lakes County agricultural services somewhat concerned, states a county news release.

“This is not a punitive campaign,” agricultural fieldperson Sheila Kaus says.

“While this is cause for concern, the county agricultural services department is only interested in raising awareness, finding all the locations the plant may be in, and removing the plant properly.”

A report of pale yellow iris within county boundaries was reported on June 23.

“It is important that if anyone has this plant that we know where it is located so we can check the surrounding area for any signs of spread and can provide instructions on how to remove the plant without introducing it to a new area,” Kaus says.

Steps have been initiated to monitor the area and prevent the spread. Residents are encouraged to report and remove the plants.

“We are working with Alberta Environment and Parks aquatic invasive species specialist Nicole Kimmel to rapidly respond to any report of pale yellow iris as it poses a significant threat to our surrounding lakes, rivers, streams and ponds,” Kaus says.

Pale yellow iris is a highly invasive perennial that modifies its environment by forming dense rhizome mats that increase sedimentation and change wetlands to a dry environment, states the AEP Alberta Aquatic Invasive Species Program 2017 report.

Pale yellow iris can be identified in many ways.

-Flowers have three drooping deep-yellow sepals with purple-brown markings that look like large petals, surrounding three smaller upright petals.

-Yellow iris is the only iris entirely yellow flowers.

-Flowers bloom between April and July at the top of the stems 30 cm to one meter tall that grow in groups of two to 10.

-Leaves are flattened, 2-3 cm wide and up to one meter long, fanning from the base.

-Seeds are closed packed within capsules 4-8 cm long.

For more information or to report pale yellow iris, phone Kaus at [780] 523-5595.


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