Outlaws show they are still winners

The High Prairie Outlaws warm up before their game Oct. 21 in Grande Prairie to close out the season in the Peace Country Bantam Football League. The winless Outlaws are still making strides and making progress, says their coach.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The High Prairie Outlaws lost 50-12 to the Grande Prairie Broncos on Oct. 21 to end their Peace Country Bantam Football League season.

One of the highlights of the game and possibly of our year was a play that we have worked on for several weeks that we had nicknamed after one of our running backs, Jacob Kosak,” head coach Tom Duchesneau says.

The play could not have been executed better as Kosak took the snap directly from the running back position and ran through the Broncos’ defensive line.”

Before the other team, fans, or opposing coaches knew where the ball was, Kosak was already 25 yards down the field and ran it in for an 80-yard touchdown.

The Outlaws finished their second straight season winless in six games, and were outscored 78-257.

I was very happy with the season,” Duchesneau says.”

We saw a huge improvement throughout the year individually as well as in team play.

Our special teams played well, we were starting to execute more and more set plays which we were starting to see success with.”

He noted a number of players who were keys for the Outlaws.

Several players showed tremendous improvement and became very good leaders on the team,” says Duches- neau.

Kadin Kit was one of the toughest players in the league, Clarence Lindo was hands down the fastest player in the league and newcomer Jacob Kosak.

Kosak, who started late in the year, quickly became one of the most valuable players on the team.”

High Prairie continued to improve during the season.

Our offensive running game was definitely one of our biggest strengths, and other teams spent a lot of time trying to shut down our sweeps and reverses,” Ducheseau says.

The biggest area we need to improve on is our lead blocking.”

Despite the record, the coach says it’s about more than just wins.

Although I am very competitive, and would have loved to have won a game this year, I think that seeing a full team out to practice every week, in the snow, rain, and sub-zero temperatures, while laughing and having fun is more of a measure of success,” says Duches- neau.

One special incident reflects that aspect.

After our last game of the year in Grande Prairie, where we lost, we all went out for supper as a team, and the positive energy from our players and parents was heart-warming.

An elderly lady in the restaurant sitting nearby said you guys must have won today and we told her that unfortunately we lost, and she said well you would never know it, it sure looks like they’re all having fun.”

That shows that the players can be winners off the field, he says.

I think that is what matters more than what the scoreboard says after the game.

We started this team to have a place for our kids to work hard, challenge themselves, learn to work as a team, have fun, and be part of a family, and I think we have been very successful.”

He is proud of the players and grateful for support from the parents.

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