NPHL accepts Regals back into league

Team is hoping for regional support from business, fan base

Chris Clegg
South Peace New

It’s official!

The High Prairie Regals are returning to the North Peace Hockey League for the 2017-18 season.

The NPHL met in Fairview Sept. 27 and unanimously approved the team’s application. The Regals left the NPHL last season and had to re-apply.

We’re happy we got approved unanimously,” says team president Allan Lamouche. “There were some tough questions.”

The questions were surrounding the availability of players. High Prairie and the region supplied over 20 players to the Valleyview Jets and Falher Pirates last season.

However, Rick Young, representing the Jets, and Gilbert Desharnais and Arlen Quartly, representing the Pirates, both indicated player releases to the Regals would not be a problem.

That was good,” concedes Lamouche. “We talked to Young after the meeting and he said, ‘You’re right. The players will go where they want to go.’”

The team executive met Sept. 18 and decided to proceed in organizing a team. They filed a letter of intent with NPHL president Jack McAvoy on Sept. 22.

The Regals joined the NPHL in 1957-58 and operated for 57 consecutive years before taking a leave of absence in 2014-15. The club also did not operate in 2016-17.

The Regals rejoin the East Division with Falher, the Grimshaw Huskies, Jets, and Manning Comets, who return after a one-year leave of absence.

The West Division is comprised of the Dawson Creek Canucks, Fort St. John Flyers, Grande Prairie Athletics and Spirit River Rangers.

Lamouche says there are challenges ahead for the team.

Now we have to get the players out and bring the executive around. There is a lot of hard work ahead but it has to be done.

We hope the town of High Prairie and the region will support us. I’m hoping that the businesses and the fan base will support us. There is an opportunity to build partnerships of larger community. This is not just a High Prairie team, it’s a regional team.”

Teams will play a 22-game schedule to be released on Oct. 9. The schedule includes a partial interlock with the West Division.

A good place to start

Following is a list of players from the High Prairie area who played with Falher and Valleyview Last season.

    Player               Team   GP

1. Lloyd Ahkimnachie FAL 19

2. Craig Anderson FAL 13

3. Jay Anderson FAL 7

4. Joey Anderson VV 19

5. Junior Anderson VV 12

6. Lawrence Anderson VV 16

7. Nelson Anderson VV 16

8. Mikal Chalifoux VV 5

9. Travis Chalifoux VV 13

10. Brendan Cunningham VV 5

11. Claude Cunningham FAL 6

12. Drake Cunningham FAL 7

13. Dylan Cunningham FAL 17

14. Joe Cunningham VV 7

15. Travis Cunningham VV 6

16. Ira Gladue VV 7

17. Dave Lamouche VV 13

18. Hector Lamouche VV 22

19. Braden L’Hirondelle VV 1

20. Luc L’Hirondelle VV 16

21. Keygan Okemow VV 1

22. Jordan Panasiuk FAL 12

23. Devon Quartly FAL 20

24. Tyler Shantz VV 4

25. Kyle Supernault VV 5

26. James Tallman VV 16

27. Craig VandeLigt VV 12

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