New time, same old problem

Participants at the High Prairie Business Support Network session Feb. 22 engage in a group activity. Left-right, are guest speaker Natalie Rose, BSN co-ordinator Robin-Lee Vance, Paulette Calliou, Wray Betts, Vivian Peters and Richa Sherman-Peters holding daughter Gemma, 3 months.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The High Prairie Business Support Network hosted its first morning session Feb. 22 but didn’t get more people organizers expected.

Just four participants attended the meeting besides the co-ordinator and the guest speaker.

“I had a list of people who said they’d be there,” says co-ordinator Robin-Lee Vance of Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Region.

“We’re still deciding whether morning or lunch times are better for more people.”

Since the first meeting in February 2017, monthly meetings were held at noon before attendance declined.

Partitipants heard an informative presentation on Inclusive Leadership by Natalie Rose, Northern Lakes College liaison of Continuing Education and Corporate Training.

“Tell your employees about diversity and inclusivity,” Rose says.

“We have to get along with other people.”

Different people with different ideas give businesses and organizations a competitive edge, she says.

“Include diversity in planning and give people opportunity to be included,” Rose says.

“We want to get everybody’s perspective; maintain a process of improvement.”

She introduced a new concept that people are “differently-abled” in the workplace.

“We can learn from different perspectives of people,” Rose says.

“We don’t want to make people feel inferior because they come from another culture.”

Including a variety of people will enhance society and communities.

“In the workplace, you have to give people opportunity to be part of something big,” Rose says.

“Everyone has something to offer and it’s up to you to unlock the door.”

She added a quote from RBC.

“It’s about focusing on the needs of every individual and ensuring the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve his or her potential,” Rose says.

The next BSN session is set for March 22 although no speaker has been confirmed, despite previous information.

All businesses, business organizations and government are welcome to send a representative to attend the sessions at no cost.

Time for roundtable discussion follows the speaker when participants can provide an update on their business or organization and reflect on the BSN topic.

For more information, phone [1-780] 849-3232 or email to


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