PICs – Never too early to appreciate good music

Grade 4WP students play. In front, left-right, are Elly Belesky and Marie Matula. In back, left-right, are Madina Sharkawi and Sahara Belcourt.

Students and staff at High Prairie Elementary School can take a well-deserved bow! HPE Spring Night June 5 featured the Grade 4-5 students playing various musical instruments including ukuleles, shakers, tambourines, boomwackers, recorders and more during 10 featured acts. Lead teachers were Andrea Pollock and Crystal Hopps. Magalie Frechette also mixed in two French dances: Set Carre Coupe; and Les Petits Trains. The concert was the culmination of a year’s work learning to play the instruments. The concert was just under one hour and delighted the audience.


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