Clegg’s Corner – Never be afraid to steal a good idea

I enjoy reading about odd facts in history. It’s interesting to note what occurred years ago, or what event occurred on the same day as your birthday.

In 2005, someone – I cannot remember who – published an Alberta 2005 Centennial Calendar. It was a great read. On each day of the year, an important or interesting historical item was highlighted. Several of the dates also included photographs.

I know you can see where I’m going with this! I always thought, what a great idea! And with the history I have accumulated, why not publish a High Prairie and area events calendar?

Hey, it only took me a dozen years to actually get off my keyster and get this one done!

The High Prairie Community Beautification Association seemed like a good choice to try and raise some money for. This group needs to be creative in finding ways to raise money to sustain itself in the long term.

When I started the calendar in late summer, it was obvious there was going to be a “clash” of news and sports items. As a result, one calendar quickly turned into two calendars.

The choices for the covers seemed obvious to me: some Light-Up photos for the news calendar and Tom Lysiak for sports. You can make an argument for perhaps an old High Prairie town photo, or the Planet High Prairie float, or an old High Prairie Regals photo.

By the time the calendars were completed, they included over 200 photos, icons and logos, and over 1,200 news and sports items. It is a lot of tidbits!

The question is will people buy it? I hope so. Please support Beautification.

I have no idea if this project will be a success. When taking on projects with such local interest, there is a limited market. No one really cares in Peace River or Edmonton or Fairview what went on in High Prairie years ago. It is not like I [Beautification] is selling to a potential market of 2-3 million people in Alberta when the Centennial calendars were published.

So, what would be a success? I am hoping 200 will sell by Christmas. Some are telling me they will sell. We will see.

There is other potential for these calendars. You can personalize the calendar and place a family photo on the calendar and give them away as presents.

With the history compiled, I can also make other “themed” calendars. How about a people calendar, with only people’s birth dates and dates of death, and their accomplishments?

Or how about a calendar with all the fires, accidents, etc. for those of more “ghoulish” nature? I’m not so sure that would be a big hit!

Perhaps the best aspect of these calendars is the major work is done. In future years, the dates can just be changed with added news items and photos. It can be an ongoing fundraiser.

Any ideas? Please email me at I anticipate your feedback.

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