Mind Over Metal Camp applauded

Mind Over Metal Welding Camp student Waylon Lauck showcases his Log and Axe Project. The students celebrated the week on July 21 with a luncheon and certificate award ceremony. They also had the opportunity to take their family and friends on a tour of the NLC Mobile Trades Lab and showcase their projects.

SPN Staff
Northern Lakes College, in partnership with the Canadian Welding Association Foundation, and Shell, celebrated the successful completion of the Mind Over Metal Welding Camp last week.

The one-week camp for youth between the ages of 12-15 years was held at the Northern Lakes College Mobile Trades Lab that was set up at the High Prairie campus.

The camp ran July 17-21. Students learned about safety procedures in welding, proper use of hand and power tools, the basics of gas metal arc welding, and from guest speakers.

Students created three different projects during the camp, which they brought home.

The welding camp was free to students, thanks to the donations of the college’s partners: Canadian Welding Association Foundation and Shell.

A mother of one of the students was very pleased with the camp.

“I am grateful this summer camp was held in High Prairie,” says Karen Lauck, mother of Waylon Lauck. “When my son heard of the Mind Over Metal Welding Camp, he came home so excited that we signed him up right away.
“The welding camp has opened new doors for high school students like my son, and the opportunity will broaden their horizon. . .”

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