Metis writer visiting HPE on Oct. 4

HPE Staff

We have had a very busy month at HPE!

Our Safety Patrol is up and running again this year. Teachers, Lisa Zabolotniuk and Andrea Pollock, are helping train a new bunch of Grade 5 and Grade 6 students.

We recognized International Dot Day by dressing in dots and creating interesting art work involving dots. We have a great display at our front entrance of the student’s art work.

HPE held their annual open house on Sept. 21. There were people all over the place, in and out of classrooms, checking out our wonderful library and all the changes. The Grade 6s held a very successful silent auction as the start to their fundraising for their Edmonton trip.

Once again our whole school joined Prairie River Junior High School and E.W. Pratt High school on the Terry Fox walk. It was great to have the help of the older students with the younger ones. Many toonies were brought in for Terry’s Foundation, which is looking for a cure for cancer.

Grades 5S and 5C have set up a Science Weather Lab that the students have been working in for the last 2 1/2 weeks. The students were having lots of fun with the hands-on lab.

Our first assembly was held at the end of the month. This is a regular occurrence, so parents and/or guardians, please join us in our monthly celebration of our HPE students’ success!

Grade 5C will once again be participating in an open house Skype with our school friends in England. This will be the third year that 5C students will Skype in during the open house in England. It is our daytime and their nighttime so it works well. The students play a geography game with each other and have a great discussion about the differences and similarity of the two schools and countries.

On Oct. 4, HPE will be hosting author Jacqueline Guest. She will be presenting two sections for the Grades 3-6 students.

Guest is a Metis writer who lives in a log cabin nestled in the pinewoods of the Rocky Mountains foothills of Alberta. Her award winning books are unique in that many of the main characters come from different ethnic backgrounds including First Nations, Inuit and Metis. Her well-drawn characters face issues common to every child such as bullying, blended families and physical challenges and are strong role models for today’s youth.

Guest’s historical novels for young readers present Canada’s vibrant past as an exciting read every child will enjoy.

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