Court Docket – Man sentenced doesn’t consider threat a threat

H.P. court docket
Nov. 27, 2017
Judge G.R. Ambrose

A 59-year-old man will spend another two months behind bars for threatening a peace officer and hitting another man in police cells.

Glen Bernard Bellerose was sentenced to 90 days in jail, and credited for 15 days served, when he appeared in High Prairie provincial court Nov. 27.

He pleaded guilty to assault, uttering threats, shoplifting under $5,000 and failing to comply with an undertaking.

Bellerose punched another male in High Prairie RCMP cells on Sept. 27 and gave him a cut lip, Crown prosecutor Haydn Shook.

He says he did not want to be in the same space, the drunk tank, with the other man,” Shook says.

Earlier in the ordeal, Bellerose was apprehended by High Prairie RCMP who assisted a peace officer from the Town of High Prairie.

Mr. Bellerose was angry with the peace officer and said I know where you live,” the Crown says.

However, the accused did not consider it was a threat.

I just said it out of anger,” Bellerose says as he appeared from the Edmonton Remand Centre on closed-circuit television.

I don’t even know where he lives.”

But that wasn’t how the victim perceived it.

The peace officer considered it a threat,” lawyer Harry Jong says.

That was clarified by the judge.

The matter of the threat was indirect,” Judge G.R. Ambrose says.

Jong says Bellerose admits he was intoxicated at the time and doesn’t remember anything about the incident

He says he is remorseful and wants to go to a men’s shelter to get alcohol treatment,” Jong says.

Bellerose breached a condition when he entered Super-A Foods where he has been banned.

He stole $11 worth of ribs on June 13, the Crown says.

Mr. Bellerose was belligerent with police,” Shook says.

He returned to the store the next day when he was again ordered to leave.

During sentence, he was banned from possessing or using firearms for three years.

– – – – – – – – –

Evan Dacey Alook, 21, of Atikameg, was sentenced to 50 days global in custody, with full credit for time served, for assault and failing to comply with conditions.

Alook struck his 13-year-old nephew in the head on Sept. 10, 2017, the Crown says.

He slapped him in the back of the head,” Shook says. “It was an unexpected blow, and inappropriate.”

His lawyer Allan Crawford says the accused was upset at the boy for his behavior.

The judge says Alook has a record with several assault charges.

He has shown violence towards others,” Ambrose says.

Despite his record, Alook continues to take steps to improve his actions.

He is reading a lot about anger management and he’s also doing Bible study,” Crawford says.

Alook was also banned from owning or using firearms for 10 years.

– – – – – – – – –

Billie Joe Morin, 31, of Hobbema, was sentenced to 21 days in custody, with credit for six days served, for breach of probation.

He failed to complete residential treatment for alcohol and did not notify his probation officer of his change of address when he returned to the community, the Crown says.

Breaches of probation are more serious than breaches of release,” says the judge, who noted Morin had five previous breaches of probation on his record.

Duty counsel Jong says several of Morin’s friends visited him in the treatment centre and he drank alcohol which they brought for him and led him to being expelled.

Morin appeared from the Edmonton Remand Centre on CCTV.

– – – – – – – – –

Kelly James Hamilton, 41, of Grande Prairie, was fined $1,100, plus $330 surcharge, for driving a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content exceeding 80 milligrams.

He was stopped by police near High Prairie Liquor Store on Oct. 26 and later recorded breath samples of 150 mg., the Crown says.

He was co-operative with police,” Shook says.

Duty counsel Jong says Hamilton was drinking at a bar and didn’t realize he had too much.

Hamilton was also handed an automatic suspension from driving for one year.

The judge acknowledged the sentence was recommended in a joint submission by the Crown and duty counsel.

– – – – – – – – –

Jessie K. Belcourt, 28, of Guy, was given an early Christmas gift after she was initially fined $500, plus a $150 surcharge, for failing to comply with conditions.

The fine has been satisfied in full,” Ambrose says as he gave he credit for three days served in custody.

Belcourt had failed to report to High Prairie RCMP on a Friday for nine consecutive weeks, the Crown says.

She thought she was finished (the requirement),” duty counsel Jong says.

– – – – – – – – –

Sherrina M. Sawan, 40, of Atikameg, was fined $200, plus a $60 surcharge, for failing to comply with an undertaking.

She breached the undertaking when she was with a male who was named in a no-contact order.

Sawan was also fined $100, plus a $30 surcharge, for failing to attend court.

But that was excused when the judge gave her credit for driving about 100 kilometres on a snowy and windy day to appear in court and plead guilty.

– – – – – – – – –

Vern McKechnie was fined $118 for driving 14 km/h over the speed limit.

– – – – – – – – –

Lester Paul Giroux was fined $115 for transporting liquor in a vehicle on Aug. 29 in Grouard.

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