Letter – Team effort applauded

My heartfelt thank you goes to Linda Williscroft, Ken Matthews, Nona Elliott and George Keay, members of the Health Foundation Committee of which I am not a member, for working extremely hard for many years raising funds with our community and region to assist in purchasing a CT Scan machine, for our new hospital.

The CT Scan is operational and saving patients of the area many travel dollars.

I have been, at best, one of the founding members of the Diabetes Management Advocacy Group, which is chaired by Lorraine Muskwa. The objective of our diverse group is to create a comprehensive diabetes plan from prevention to obtaining dialysis machines in the High Prairie Hospital. Once the goals for diabetes are realized, our group has sights on other services that we wish to obtain for our community and region.

Over the years, yes, I have served many groups including youth and other organizations, where help was needed but I cannot take credit alone.
Everything I have been involved in and any achievements made, only occurred because I have been blessed with working with the best “teams”.
Diana M. Oliver,
High Prairie

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