Letter – Second Wind one of town’s hidden treasures

Re: Big Lakes County clothing drive
I was interested to read about the above in support of Goodwill Industries. Goodwill is a very worthwhile charity and will, no doubt, be grateful for the support.

I was disappointed, however, that no mention was made of a similar charity that has existed in our town for the last 20+ years, namely Second Wind Boutique.

This little shop, operated by volunteer members of St. Mark’s Anglican Church, is located between the library and the church. It is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon from 1-5 p.m., and accepts donations on those days.

We’ve had great support from the outlying communities, both with donations of clothes and small household items, as well as being our best customers for goods we offer for sale. We also receive support from town residents.

All profits form Second Wind go to the Anglican Church. This allows the church to hire clients of Marigold Enterprises for janitor work, and yard work in the summer.

We also provide clothing to people in need, specifically MITAA clients, J.B. Wood residents, Victim Services, guests of the RCMP, and we are currently working with Children’s Services. After that, any surplus items are donated to the Canadian Diabetic Association.

It would be great if, after the Goodwill drive, inquiries regarding donations could be directed to Second Wind. That way, we can continue to support our local community and not ship everything out of town. There is enough need here.

Even better, we invite members of the Big Lakes County and Town of High Prairie councils, to drop into Second Wind to see just what we offer. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Phyllis Dupuis,
Second Wind Boutique

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