Letter – Safety should be top priority

My concern, for the sake of our community, has to do with the High Prairie Skateboard Park.

Many of the children in our community go to the park and when they attend, most do not have a helmet on their heads. I believe that all children
who attend the park should be wearing a helmet on their heads because some children do not wear a helmet and due to accidents they do not open their eyes the next day.

The skate park does provide a helmet on the fence that leads into the park, but that is not enough. A way that we can stop this from happening is having people that do things for the community, such as the town peace officers, watch the park every so often and make sure if the children do not have a helmet, they are warned and removed from the park until they have a helmet.

Something else that our town does do is “reward” the children who have a helmet with a coupon for free fries, I believe that it is a great idea to encourage children to wear a helmet and keep our community safe.

Abby MacDougald

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