Letter – Property rights near and dear to NDP

This month, our NDP government took steps to protect and strengthen property rights and make life better for rural Albertans, but the United Conservative Party MLAs opposed it.

At a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship, we put forward a motion to work toward providing Albertans with cost-effective access to fairness and equity in settling property rights disputes.

This motion was what the Property Rights Advocate was asking for. We listened and acted on the recommendations from the advocate, who hears directly from rural Albertans.

This is an important issue all across Alberta, from Peace River to Medicine Hat. Whether it is orphan wells or other property disputes, rural Albertans deserve protection.

But the UCP MLAs seem to believe otherwise. Every UCP MLA on the committee voted against it. The UCP MLAs voted against fairness and equity in settling property rights disputes.

This is not a partisan issue. This is common sense. But the UCP MLAs let politics get in the way of making life better for rural Albertans.

I know from speaking with my own rural constituents in Yellowhead County that they take great pride in their stewardship of their land. It is land that in some cases has been in their family for more than a century.

We all understand the importance of resource development in this province. In fact it’s fair to say we owe much of our prosperity to Alberta’s energy, mining and forestry industries, but for far too long, previous governments ignored the concerns of landowners, making life harder for them and their families.

The vote this week underlines that the UCP MLAs, like those in previous governments, would rather play politics than work to find solutions.

I know how important this issue is for rural Albertans, and I’m proud our government is standing up for property rights all across the province. We’ll keep standing up for rural Albertans.

Eric Rosendahl,


West Yellowhead

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