Letter – Premier needs to take notice

To Alberta Premier Rachel Notley:
I have been a reader of the South Peace News all my life, being born and raised in the Peace Country.

Are you aware what your Health Minister Sarah Hoffman’s actions are having on High Prairie and area residents and businesses?

My questions to you are:

First, are you aware that High Prairie had a grand opening of their new Health Complex, and Hoffman was in attendance? I see on an e-mail message by one of her press secretaries, nothing about her brief message she gave to open this 21st century hospital.

Second, did you know that the new High Prairie Hospital [Health Complex} has been advocating for dialysis equipment for years – to no avail – falling on deaf ears on all levels of government that may be able to help, rather than putting all the machines in Slave Lake when numbers contradict which hospital needed them, which appears to have happened.

I have enclosed a couple of articles you may or may not be aware of.

As a concerned citizen and for the High Prairie and area residents who require dialysis at home rather than having to travel to Peace River, Grande Prairie or Slave Lake, at an expensive cost and burden, please take a much closer look at this.

Last, I am curious what Ken Matthews has in store for High Prairie in terms of dialysis as his letter to the SPN headline “Dialysis will be supported”.

Kelly Ann Burgar,
cc Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman.

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