Letter – Leave Bridge Crew alone

Re: Bridge crew and cleaning up the town.

According to Jeff Burger, there are four main members of the Bridge Crew. He also kept leaning to the harsh side of dealing with these four people. They are people, not vagrants because it’s summer.

How to deal with the situation? Well, I would use the same solution I would recommend for the issue the court system is grappling with.

The prosecutor wants to ‘clean up’ the area. Make sure all those illicit drugs are gone and don’t come back. Good luck with that and spitting into the wind.

With President Donald Trump demanding the death penalty for drug dealers, it may make others want to deal more harshly with the problem. They become frustrated with people because [criminals] aren’t learning.

I beg to different about who has the problem. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, overeating, over spending, indiscriminate sex, and even over thinking can be addictions. Throwing people in jail isn’t going to help. As one guy once remarked, “That’s where the really good drugs are.”

Deciding criminals aren’t learning so you just have to get tougher on them might prove you are the one who isn’t learning. The drug war has been waged with great righteousness for decades now. It’s not working.


The real culprits are not so much the guys with a few pills to offload. It’s the companies that make them and the doctors who prescribe them. Profit over people has created an international tragedy.

Trust me, I’m older than you are and I know about these things.

It’s not going to do much to run around busting everybody for weed when we are on a 60 countdown to it being legal. Imagine being the guy who gets busted at 11:59 p.m. on deadline day, and five minutes later they catch another guy. As they pull out the book to throw it at him, he looks at his watch and says, “Oh, look at the time!”

Trump wants to be tough on drugs but he runs casinos. Gambling is an addiction so he is a pusher.

Trump can’t stop chasing skirts. He could be called a sex addict. No one is busting his doors down.

It would seem if you have money and influence enough no sin is too egregious. What Trump doesn’t like are poor people. Those he is willing to execute. We may have a similar problem, or the 10 per cent version of it.

Getting tough is not going to work. Cutting off the flow of drugs is not going to work unless you start burning up the prescription pads. There is a large group of people who came by their problems honestly and it’s too late now to do much but reduce the harm that it is causing.

Portugal decriminalized drugs years ago. Overdose deaths have plummeted as have new HIV cases.

I first heard about Reduction of Harm on a Nature of Things show and I agree completely. People need safe spaces and time and support to recover, and there will be lapses. Who hasn’t tried to stay on a diet, or quit smoking, or stop obsessing about things? We all have our glitches.

The underlying problem is what has to be addressed. Is someone dependent on narcotics? How did they get that way? A prescription no doubt!

What is making us increasingly uncomfortable as a society is the pimples that show. The Bridge Crew are visible, mostly because the liquor stores, grocery stores, and the bridge are all on that one street.

My recommendation for the Bridge Crew? Leave them alone. By and large, they aren’t hurting anybody. High Prairie is their home as much as it is ours.

No one is the child of a greater god. We’re all imbued with the same divine spark of creation.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie


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