Letter – Careful what you ask for

RE: 2018 will rock us [Jan. 3, South Peace News editorial]

I beg to differ on several fronts.

First, I don’t often find CTV on the Wi-Fi. I do find CBC and they are not nearly as hard on American President Donald Trump as you let on. They are almost civilized. That one woman anchor literally mauled Andrew Scheer, but Trump not so much.

I do not get most of my news about him filtered through the CBC, I go out on Wi-Fi and find others. Occasionally MSNBC, but there are other news channels, including RT [That stands for Russian Television]. They have recently been forced to register a Foreign Agent, which I find a little odd as RT does not try to cover up who and what they are. They do present wonderful documentaries, and of course, news with a bias, but have you tried to watch Fox News without medication?

The Internet is a wild and wacky place with several serious news shows like TYT and Redacted Tonight. Last summer they were the only ones covering the protests at Standing Rock. Redacted Tonight is on RT but it has become home to many journalists who won’t follow the corporate media line.

I try to watch a variety of the shows to get a broad view, you know, not just the flaming commie stuff. TYT covered voter suppression…at the DNC primaries. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

As for Trump’s economic policies spilling over into Canada and making good times for all, I wish you and the Canadian people good luck with that. I think the markets in the States are being played to make it look like some good is coming with the tax cuts. Now the slime is oozing out of its hole and going after the entitlements down there. Things like Social Security, Medicade and Medicare.

This, as a movement, takes hold for single payer health care. They are going to be in too much of an uproar to concentrate on anything.

Trump and his braggadacio is going to start a war somewhere. He is spoiling for it and so is the military industrial complex. But wars on foreign soils are good for the economy and we don’t have to deal with the damage except for our brave men and women who come back in bits or body bags.

To wean Trump of this foolishness, they should have Air Force One dump him in the middle of Aleppo. Those bombed buildings that used to be a city and are now just shattered lumps of concrete. Visit with the people and see where their homes used to be. Meet someone living in their old home with a blanket covering the hole where a wall used to be.

A bigger mess will come from Trump’s screwing with the EPA, Planned Parenthood and DACA. He still wants that wall.

Of course, there is cannabis. Jeff Sessions has decided to override the pot laws that were enacted at a state level. I do not see a coherent economic policy coming out of any of this. They are coming to devouring themselves, only we won’t know much about it because they have killed net neutrality.

Trump is easing up on regulations for offshore drilling and taking millions of acres out of the parks system to open them up for mining and drilling. They won’t need our natural resources. Well, maybe some wood for the wall.

I still think we should use our wood to build a house for every Albertan. It is a project that will go on for a long time and help take our economy away from the boom and bust theatrics of the oil sector. Which will always be there, of course.

Here in Canada, they are already talking about putting off legalizing cannabis, the tax thing is going to slam shut on someone’s behind. And finally, Trudeau had the opportunity to apologize for something he did. I can’t see where he is getting a lot done.

Well, there was that assisted suicide thing which he passed on visiting Fort McMurray being in flames to concentrate on. It doesn’t look good for us, does it?

On the provincial front, don’t forget the Alberta Party, they are holding a leadership contest. A year-long membership is $10.

We need to start softening these guys up on the issues we feel are important: dialysis, the carbon levy, whatever else. Join the party of your choice and start putting it out there.

And remember when you are contemplating American politics that former president Barack Obama was once heard to say that he never said he was a liberal. Trump was a Democrat and actually donated to Chuck Shumer’s campaign. These guys are all nuts, they are all crooks, and they are old enough they ought to have retired. The political vision they have was formed in the 1950s. That was when the CIA came across the border and experimented on patients in our mental hospitals because they couldn’t do that to their own people.

When you see those guys coming, hide the good silver, send your kids to boarding school and get the dog fixed.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie


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