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South Peace News asked members of the High Prairie Air Cadet Squadron to share their views on what Remembrance Day means to them. On this page, and on page 33, they share their thoughts. Please enjoy!


Remembrance Day is. . .

To me, Remembrance Day is a day to remember, and not just those who fought for us, but those who worked as hard as they could to help their loved ones succeed, not even knowing if they would come back. People learned many things from the war, whether it was combat techniques or how to cope with worry while still working. To me, Remembrance Day is to remember those people.”

– Cpl. Callista Gomes

World War I was a time of victory and suffering and growth. Canada, as a nation, was actually recognized due to Vimy Ridge and the strength and skill the Canadians showed in the face of death. World War I was also a time where people united together for a common cause. People began planting victory gardens and donating clothes and knitting clothing to the soldiers.”

– Cpl. Ethan Klingsch





The wars took place between the years of 1914 and present day. During these times, Canada fought for its freedom and people. Canada earned respect through its conquest, throughout wars, and peacekeeping missions. Because of Canadian triumph, Remembrance Day reminds us that fallen soldiers have made Canada a free and strong country. Because of Canada’s heroic efforts, Remembrance Day is one day I am proud to support.”

– Cpl Charles Dumont





World War I was a very bad time. People sacrificed their lives to give Canada its freedom. Since most of the men enlisted, the moms had to do everything – bringing in money, watching the house, sending food to the troops. Millions of our troops died between 1914-18. If it were not for our troops I do not know where I would be today so Remembrance Day means a lot to me due to all these reasons.”

– Cpl. Sebastian Vasquez





Remembrance Day, to me, is a time of reflection; a time to remember all those we have lost and all they have done; to be able to look back on all the stories and memories they have shared and how they connect to our lives today. The minute of silence we take is time to reflect and focus on all the important things to us. During this minute and all throughout the day, we should be thinking about all the things they have done and how it affects our lives.”

– Sgt. Jared Gomes





Remembrance Day means to remember the veterans who fought to keep me safe. The effort they put in to keep us safe, to protect our country. We have to get rid of the bad memories and keep the good memories. Remembrance Day reminds me of all of those veterans who sacrificed their lives for us. They were training soldiers for war and they were teaching their families to work. We have to never forget Flanders Fields. On Nov. 11, on the 11th hour of the 11th month we have to respect our veterans.”

– Cadet Jade Tancowny





Young men had to go to war. They did not even get to choose to say no. Most of them would be proud that they were going to war. The most sad thing is they were so young and died and seen death in front of their eyes. When I think of the wars around it makes me feel sad for every soldier who died and fought for me and my country. When I think of war I think of dark, rainy, cold battlefields, soldiers running at each other killing and hearing gunshots everywhere you run and bombs going off, men crying of pain and bodies laying everywhere, not moving. But the dead, we honour them.”

– Cpl. Trinity Deltess





Remembrance Day is not a day about remembering. It’s a day to honour those who sacrificed their lives for us. There are the soldiers who fought for us and the families who sacrificed their loved ones.”

– Sgt. Sheldon Anderson





To me, Remembrance Day is a day to remember those fallen heroes, to honour those who returned. To learn the history in the faces of the veterans, the unity of Canada through the battle of Vimy Ridge.”

– F/Cpl Nathan James





Remembrance Day means to remember the people who died for us. Remember the people who let us have a free country, to let us love them for what they did. Remembrance Day means to thank the soldiers.”

– Cadet Tyrees Supernault





They fought for us and our country. The also sacrificed their lives for us. There was that one guy in the war and he was holding the Canadian flag in the war because he loved our country.”

– LAC Dominic Grant









The day that we showed up to a war and won. We celebrated but remember the ones we lost in the war. We see the different aspects of the people. We also live free in this country and in this world that we live in.”

– Cadet Kaylin Marquardt









Remembrance Day is to remember people who fell and died for us. This is a day to remember people who gave me freedom. I think it means to me that I remember soldiers.”

– Cadet Jeremy Jerome









To me, Remembrance Day means that we honour the people who lost their lives for us. They fought to keep the peace so now we don’t live in poverty and brutality. So on Remembrance Day, we honour those who lost their lives and wear a poppy.”

– Cadet Danni Goodswimmer









Remembrance Day means all the people who died fighting and the people who lived, refugees, homeless, the technology advances, all the trees destroyed, land deformed, resources used, religions gone, factories made.”

– Cpl. Keith Cramer









In Canada, the men were taken from the women and kids. The women took over the men’s jobs and the kids took over the small jobs. If I was a woman and my husband was taken life would be very hard to survive. They sacrificed their lives for us.”

– Cadet Gabrielle Dumont









Remembrance Day, to me, is a time to remember those who died fighting for what they believed in. It is also a time to remember those who survived. For it is easy to remember the dead, but it’s also easy to forget those who lived.”

– W.O. II Ashton Halldorson









Remembrance Day is a day to remember the men and women who fought to protect Canada. A day to remember those who fought and died, as well as those who fought and survived. It is a day to thank veterans for their sacrifice yesterday so we can live our lives today.”

– W.O. Chad Halldorson








Remembrance Day, to me, is a day that we all pay tribute to the men and women that have fought for our current way of life. On this day we remember this, hence Remembrance Day. It is a time where we should think of all the loss and what came out of it, and we should be thankful for every good thing that came out of all this misery.”

– Cpl. Logan Lalonde








Remembrance Day means to me is to remember all the soldiers that died and experienced the tragedies of World War I and World War II, and how the families felt when they were told that their loved ones were lost. It means to me to remember all the men and women that fought for all of us.”

– Cadet Emily Fortin








Remembrance Day is not just a day to remember who fought back in the wars. It’s also about the families, the countries, the soldiers. It was the time Canada had become a country. Remembrance Day means to me all the changes people had to go through, how girls started doing more work, the lost and start of new lives.”

– Cpl. Mya Fulton-Willier











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