Lakers, Capitals, Oilers claim Treaty 8 titles

Treaty 8 First Nations hockey tournament Women’s Division champion Whitefish Lake Lakers. In the front row, left-right, are Kenisha Laboucan, Lani Tallman, Aliyah Gladue, Gabby Laderoute and Jennifer Auger. In the back row, left-right, are coach Shawn Auger, Shaylee Cunningham, Kayleigh Auger, Stephanie Auger, Chasity Gladue, Savannah Shaw, Kali Laderoute, Chyanne Gaudette, Jennifer Lamouche, KellyJane Cunningham and coach Norman Laderoute.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Three local hockey teams captured division championships in the 16th annual Treaty 8 First Nations Cup in High Prairie, March 29 to April 1.

Whitefish Lake Oilers won the Men’s Division championship after they beat the Loon River Stars 8-3 in the final.

Sucker Creek Capitals captured the Legends Division title for the second consecutive year after the team tripled the Whitefish Lake Canadiens 6-2.

Whitefish Lake Lakers were crowned Women’s Division champions for the second year in a row as they shut out Sucker Creek 2-0.

“Again, we had very strong competition, with lots of one-goal games, overtimes and shootouts,” says Dwayne Thunder, co-ordinator and co-founder of the tournament.

“We also had lots of fans and support.”

A total of 36 teams competed, with 18 in the Men’s Division, 12 in the Legends Division and six in the Women’s Division. Games were played in High Prairie at the Sports Palace and Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre.

From the original teams from Sucker Creek, Whitefish Lake, Woodland Cree, Sturgeon Lake and Loon River, Thunder says this year’s tournament also included teams from Driftpile, Grouard, Bigstone, Tallcree, Little Red River, Horse Lake, Swan River, Peerless/Trout, Garden River and Little Buffalo.

Women’s Division All-Stars

Award Player Team

MVP Gabby Laderoute Whitefish Lake
Forward Kali Laderoute Whitefish Lake
Forward Carra Okemow Sucker Creek
Forward Sky Auger Sucker Creek
Defence Chasity Gladue Whitefish Lake
Defence Jessie Willier Sucker Creek

Men’s Division All-Stars

Award Player Team

MVP Jacob Anderson Whitefish Lake
Forward Gordy Laderoute Whitefish Lake
Forward Kingsley Auger Loon River
Forward Stan Robert Auger Loon River
Defence Alan Anderson Jr. Whitefish Lake
Defence Darron Noskey Loon River
Goalie Dylan Laboucan Whitefish Lake

Legends Division All-Stars

Award Player Team

MVP Bruce Cunningham Sucker Creek
Forward James Tallman Whitefish Lake
Forward Travis Cunningham Sucker Creek
Forward Stewart Moses Sturgeon Lake
Defence Joey Anderson Whitefish Lake
Defence Dean Cunningham Sucker Creek
Goalie Brent Roy Whitefish Lake

Memorial Awards

Heart N Soul Jazz Award
[in memory of Jazz Ferguson]
Allana Noskiye of Sturgeon Lake

Top Defence Ash 16 Award
[in memory of Ashley Laderoute]
Dakota Badger of Sucker Creek

Top Goalie Chewey Award
[in memory of Dannyl Okemow]
Gabby Laderoute of Whitefish Lake

Treaty 8 First Nations Cup hockey tournament Men’s Division champion Whitefish Lake Oilers. In the front row, left- right, are Kelly Gladue, Brent Anderson, Dylan Laboucan, Jacob Anderson and Dusty Anderson. In the back row, left-right, are Wade Anderson, Joe Anderson, Alan Anderson Jr., Tyrel Laderoute, Eli Cunningham, Chad Anderson, Gordie Laderoute, Nelson Anderson, Ira Gladue, Adam Legrande and John Yellowknee.
Treaty 8 First Nations Cup hockey tournament Legends Division champion Sucker Creek Capitals. In the front row, left-right, are Bruce Cunningham, Travis Cunningham, Peter-Joe Badger, Lonnie Willier, Ross Willier, Cannon Cunningham and Chad Knibb. In the back row, left-right, are Neil Laboucan, Don Wells, Rod Willier, Pete Calliou, Terrance Willier, Tyler Shantz, Shane Willier and Dean Cunningham.


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