Korols grateful for community support

Fred and Lyla Korol, left, accept donation of $500 from the High Prairie Elks Lodge, presented by Elks member Richard Kemp, to support the Korols after their home was destroyed by fire Oct. 12.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A couple who lost all their possessions when their home was destroyed by fire has received another major donation from a service organization.

Fred and Lyla Korol accepted a cheque of $500 from the High Prairie Elks Lodge, presented on Nov. 22 by member Richard Kemp.

We always donate to our members when they lose their house in a fire,” Kemp says.

He says the Royal Purple Elks already made a donation of $500 to the couple.

The Korols escaped from their home in the Gilwood area in the fire early morning of Oct. 12.

They appreciate the support of many people and groups in the region.

We are so grateful for the overwhelming support from the community,” Lyla Korol says.

We just go from day to day.”

Similar words were echoed by her husband.

We thank everyone for being so generous,” Fred Korol says.

Kemp also presented the Korols with $400 collected at a recent birthday party for a senior.

A cheque of $500 was also presented from the Elks to Brian and Maureen Stewart after their house was gutted by fire.

The Korols continue to rebuild their home and lives.

We have already sent in bids to contractors to build our new house on the same site,” Korol says.

We look forward to start work in the spring.”

They remain optimistic about the future and excited about their new home.

Over time, we will get back to a new normal,” Korol says.

We hope nobody has to go through what we experienced.”

The Korols are active volunteers who serve various people, organizations and events.

Many have supported them in their time of need.

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