HPE – kindergarten students begin bottle drive fundraiser

Luke Isaac
Luke Isaac
Casey Gairdner
Casey Gairdner

Casey Gairdner
Luke Isaac
HPE Reporters
Hi! This is Luke Isaac and Casey Gairdner with this week’s South Peace News report.

Our kindergarten classes will be fundraising with a bottle drive for the rest of the school year. You can drop your bottles off at the depot and let them know they are for HPE kindergarten and their account will be credited. Thank you for your support.

The Grade 3s and 4s have joined in the intramurals each lunch period. Grade 3s and Grade 5s play together and Grade 4s and Grade 6s play together. Teacher, Melissa Isaac, and vice-principal, Kim Corless, are the organizers of this activity and the students love it!

The students in Grade 5C have started working on another research project. They will be researching immigrants to Canada. The students will then create a journal from the perspective of an immigrant including maps and timelines. They will finish their journal by making the cover look like it might be from the 1800s.

Grade 5C students are also using their personal identities to decorate their story bags. The students will then, throughout the winter, put items in their story bag that can use to share a story with.

The students in Grade 4D have been writing sentences in L.A. In P.E., they have been learning soccer. In Math, they have been doing multiplication.

The Book Fair team would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make our Book Fair a success, lots of students, parents and staff stopped by to look at and purchase books.

A great way to travel is through a book. You can go anywhere! Enjoy reading all those new books, HPE!

The Grade 6 would like to thank all the people who stopped by and shopped at their silent auction. The students and parents are working hard to raise funds for their up and coming Grade 6 trip.

Another thanks goes out to all the parents and guardians who came to listen to their children talk about their education. Student Led Conferences were once again a big success. If you want to know what your child knows about their education just ask them.
Cree-ative Corner

Lindsay Stewart
Tansi, everyone!
We have had a very busy start to our school year. Lots of exciting events happening around the school.
We had our first Cultural Club with Elder Dharlyne Vicklund and it was a huge success. We created talking sticks. Next, we will be learning the 7 Grandfather Teachings. Creating a feather for each teaching. Once each feather is done, we will add them to a dream catcher.
Wellness Corner

Jessie Johnson
As we settle in for a colder season, please remember to send your child with mitts and tuques.
Lately, I have been trying to retrain my brain to use more positive language; here are some phrases I thought you might enjoy training your brain to use:
“Don’t get upset!” – “It’s OK to feel that way but…”
“Stop hitting!” – “Please keep your hands to yourself.”
“Don’t say that!” – “Please choose another word.”
“I can’t hear you” – “Please speak more loudly/clearly”
These are just little ways we can train our brains to focus on the positive and our children stay motivated.
Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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