PICs – Just another day at the library!

What smells? Sara Hopps, 9, holds her nose before trying a “tasty” morsel in Pick a Plate.

Six brave teams of two competed in Fear Factor at the High Prairie Municipal Library June 13. Contestants competed in several events including Pick a Plate, where they had to eat selected but not so tasty items from a plate. Next was Mystery Box, where they had to stick their hands in a box full of slime to identify hidden items. Next was Worm Pie, where they had to use only their mouths to find hidden “worms” in a plate full of shipped cream. And … well, you get the point! The winning team in Fear Factor was Taggen Willier and Cameron Patenaude.

“Oh, my God! What is that? What did I just touch?” Fear grips Franchesca Reyes, 11, in Mystery Box.
Every point counts! Faith Bruneau, 9, eats her “worm” during the Worm Pie.


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