Joussard welcomes back old friends

Paris Gambler reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Paris Gambler
Joussard Reporter

Hello, this is Paris bringing you our news once again.

Our kindergarten students have had a great time lately, celebrating 100 days of school. One-hundred seems like a really big number to our little folks. They are proudly wearing crowns that declare that they are now 100 days smarter!

In Grade 1 our students have been learning about Arctic animals. This is certainly appropriate for the weather that we have! Using Q-Tips and white paint, the students will be creating their own polar bears. This should be lots of fun.

Our Grade 2 students have been experimenting with the capacity of different types of paper to hold water. They tried paper towels, foil, construction paper, tissue paper and ordinary paper. Some types of paper worked and some didn’t, but it was very interesting to figure it all out with an experiment.

In Grade 3 our students are enjoying their study of Indigenous food and teachings. With Doris Willier’s help they made fried bannock and with Jamie Chalifoux’s help they learned about the Medicine Wheel. Lots of learning happening!

Our Grade 4 students were very excited to visit the Little Smoky Ski Hill for a day of tubing. They had the option of skiing or tubing and they decided to try tubing this year. Although the weather was pretty frosty to start with, all of the students’ excitement and energy should warm things up a bit!

In Grade 5, our students were very proud of the fish scale art pictures they came back to school with from their land-based learning experience at Sucker Creek. The pictures were beautiful as they have birch bark vases holding gorgeous, fragile-looking flowers. Lots of parents are going to appreciate those pictures when they come home.

Our Grade 6 students are showing leadership skills as they prepare their own talent show. There are lots of different performances planned and this should be so much fun to watch.

Everyone had a great time at our Valentine’s Family Fun Night.

Willier’s garage sale brought in $472.90. We are so grateful for our wonderful, supportive staff and families who donated items and then showed up to buy items!

We are fund raising to cover the costs of swimming lessons and a bouldering wall for our gym. It was just great to see some of our ‘old’ students, who are now in junior high, come back for our special events.

That’s it for this week! Please check in with me next week.

Lindsey Caudron beams as she shops at Joussard School’s garage sale, thinking about all of the clothes she got at fabulous prices.

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