Joussard students rescue a very cold duck

Wapastim Isadore- Bellerose reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Wapastim Isadore-Bellerose
Joussard Reporter

Hello, my name is Wapastim Isadore-Bellerose and I will be your reporter for the month of November.

Today, I roamed around our school with my clipboard, interviewing students from each classroom. This was a lot of fun, especially since I got to take a friend along on my travels.

The kindergarten kids told me they are learning about Remembrance Day. They now know what the beautiful red poppies they see everywhere at this time of the year stand for. Our littlest kids are also quite proud of the fact that they are now learning how to sort objects according to different attributes in Math.

In Grade 1, our students were absolutely thrilled today to code a Sphero robot to create art with paint. As they worked together they produced two amazing pieces of art.

Grade 2 students reported they are having a great time playing floor hockey in P.E. They also have been busy preparing art for the gym walls for our Remembrance Day Ceremony tomorrow.

Our Grade 3 students are continuing to learn all about rocks and minerals in their Science classes. The kids reported they love playing Prodigy on their laptops for Math practice.

In Grade 4, the students have been busy preparing for our Remembrance Day ceremony. They are looking forward to introducing our favourite soldier, Don Ebbett, to all of our students.

One of our Grade 5 students now has a new pet! In our most exciting event of the week, we found a baby duck huddled under the playground equipment. It was very cold and our poor little duck was too frozen to quack.

So, of course, we rescued it and brought it into the school to warm up. It seemed quite healthy after it was warm and so with no mama or papa duck in sight, we had to find a home for it.

We were so happy to learn that the parents of one of our Grade 5 students raises ducks and chickens and has a warm and safe spot for the little duck to grow up in.

Hopefully, Little Duck will thrive in his own home, under his own heat lamp this winter and maybe join his family next spring.

The students in Grade 6 don’t have such an exciting story to tell as Grade 5 does, but they reported they have having a great time playing floor hockey in P.E. and are learning about integers in Math.

That’s it for this week. Please check out my report for next week.

Little Duck is rescued by kind-hearted folks, Tracy and Sheldon Chalifoux. After huddling under playground equipment in -15 C, this little duck is going to be happy with his own heat lamp!
Joussard School Grade 1 students are delighted with the results of their ‘Spheros in Paint’ pictures. To paint the picture, students code a Sphero robot to create art with paint. Left-right are Beautiful Bellerose, Marley Cunningham and Savior Giroux.


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