Joussard students rally against bullying

A sea of pink! Joussard School students proudly wear pink to stand against bullying.

Syara Brassard
Joussard Reporter

Hello from Joussard School! I am encountering pink everywhere I go today!

That’s great! It shows that we are all against bullying! Actually, one of our goals is to make this school bully–free. We’re getting there!

In kindergarten, our students have been so busy learning about shapes and making things with the shapes. In P.E., they are learning how to play soccer and loving it.

Our Grade 1 students are getting pretty good at writing sentences about topics they are interested in. Today they were writing sentences that contained information that they knew about bullfrogs. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing the sound of frogs soon.

Grade 1 students also used their creativity to build boats in Art. They then tested out their boats to see if they would actually float. Some did!

Grade 2 students have been using their numeracy skills to code robots through a maze. The students used coding to plan for speed and direction. Best of all, they loved this learning.

In Grade 3 our students are learning engineering skills. They are testing out different sizes of pillars to see what amount of weight they can support. This is lots of fun, of course. In L.A., the students are working on fractured fairy tales.

Students in Grade 4 have been very engrossed in their elevator building activities. Some of these elevators were successfully created to stop at three floors. This is amazing!

Our Grade 5, students continue to do very interesting things in their Chemistry class. They recently inflated balloons using baking soda and vinegar. It was great fun watching the chemical reaction between the two substances produce energy [gas] to inflate the balloons. The students are also learning about oral storytelling that is done during the winter by First Nations people. The students are certainly enjoying this study.

In Grade 6, our students proved themselves to be fabulous leaders as they planned and implemented this month’s leadership assembly. In recognition of Pink Shirt Day, the students made a presentation on kindness and outlined all of the health benefits to being kind.

Do you know that being kind to others can help you live longer and happier? Amazing! Let’s all be kind.

Sgt. Dean Syniak, left, and Const. Dennis Kerr, of the Lakeshore Regional Police Service, display the pink shirts they bought and donated to Joussard School so that every child could proclaim an anti-bullying message on Pink Shirt Day.


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