Joussard students raise $739.20 during Terry Fox Run

Joussard Reporter

Hello! This is Nevaeh Thunder-Giroux once again, bringing you the news from our wonderful school!
In kindergarten, our students are proud to announce that each one of them now has an iPad! Their teacher, Kevin Lott has finished installing aps and the students are now exploring and learning with many interesting and fun programs. They were also happy to announce they are having fun playing Beauty and the Beast outside.
Our Grade 1 students are also happy with their brand new iPads. They used iPads all last year and find it much more fun to write sentences on them than on paper. The students were pleased to tell me that they have been doing quiet reading on their iPads.
In Grade 2, our students have graduated in technology. Instead of having iPads, they have moved on and now each of the students has their own laptop. This is a big step and the students are having fun learning how to use the laptop for all kinds of learning.
Our Grade 3 students have been very busy learning all about words and how to classify them. They reported being busy testing each other on different words. Our students love to be teachers!
In Grade 4, our students are taking good care of their red worms. These worms like apple slices, so the students are sure to save some from their snacks for the worms!
In Grade 5, our students are polishing up on being skillful authors. They have been learning all about the different types of story beginnings and know that they need to start their stories with an interesting ‘hook’.
Students in Grade 6, are busy with geometry and multiplication in Math. They are also learning how to be effective and interesting story writers.
Our whole school is proud to announce that we raised $739.20 through our Terry Fox Run.
Please check in with me next week.

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