Joussard School – Youngest enjoying technology

Hunter Laboucan reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Hunter Laboucan
Joussard Reporter

I am sending out a big greeting to everyone from Joussard School. Everything is going pretty good here. We are busy learning all kinds of things.

In kindergarten, the students happily announced that they have been using iPads. This was very exciting for them. The students reported that they love playing Fishy Fishy and also that they have been learning all about numbers.

Our Grade 1 students had big smiles as they reported that they are learning their Math by using iPads. Our kids love technology!

Students in Grade 2 are excited about acquiring their laptops. This is a big step for their technology skills as they move from iPads to laptops. The kids also said that they have been having fun playing games in their Music class.

In Grade 3, the students told me that they are learning about place value in Math and that they are learning other Math skills through their new Mathletics program. This is a very interesting, interactive program on their laptops and the students are finding this kind of learning lots of fun.

Our Grade 4 students were quite excited to tell me that they are trying to grow a mould garden. This is very interesting and it will be fun to see how it goes.

In Grade Five – my class – we are working on creating circuits with batteries and wires. We love doing this!

Our Grade 6 students are learning all about poetry and actually finding it interesting. They will soon be writing their own poems.

We all got to have a great time in Cree class last week as we learned how to use blueberry juice as a dye. Students painted with this dye and tie-dyed socks and shirts. We learned a lot about how First Nations used nature to meet their needs, and even to add colour to their lives.

Our open house was a huge success again, thanks to all of our wonderful families. It was great to see everyone, especially our “old” students who come back to visit.

Thanks again for checking in with my report. Please read it next week, too.



During a very interesting Cree class, Sienna Willier learns to tie-dye using blueberries as a source of colour.
Former student, Mikisiw Isadore-Bellerose, comes back for a visit and brings along his newborn brother – a future student – Neil Mistahaya!

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