Joussard School – students release butterflies

Janessa Burlock reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Janessa Burlock
Joussard Reporter

Hello, this is Janessa Burlock bringing you our news once again. We are certainly enjoying all of the sunshine, it makes playing outside so much fun. As I went from classroom to classroom, I found out lots of information.

The kindergarten kids are busy learning how subtraction works as they act out the process using themselves as numbers. They are also watching their classroom garden grow and love adding any dead bugs that they find to the dirt to help the plants grow.

In Grade 1, our students are happy to announce they have watched 10 butterflies hatch and that they got to release all of them into the fresh air and sunshine. The kids were a little sad to see their pets go, but happy that they were healthy and free.

Every Grade 2 student I talked to told me the best thing that they’ve done over the past week is play outside. The monkey bars are the most popular piece of equipment.

Our Grade 3 students are busy learning how to answer multiplication questions from memory. This is a challenging task, but the students are working hard and succeeding.

The students in Grade 4 enjoyed their investigation of the boreal forest behind our school. Although it seemed that each one of them came back with wet feet, they had a great time and learned so much.

Did you know that an aspen tree has natural sunscreen on its bark? Very interesting and helpful to know!

Our Grade 5 and Grade 6 students just finished their week of swimming lessons in High Prairie. They reported the pool staff were just wonderful to them and even provided individual help to students who needed a bit of a boost in their skills.

They also got to spend time in Prairie River Junior High School, and this was great, too. Our students got to see some of our old students and also to look at the school they will likely attend in the coming year[s].

All of our students are looking forward to demonstrating their citizenship skills tomorrow afternoon as they participate in a community cleanup. They do this every year and enjoy getting out of the school and helping out.

That’s it for this week. Please read our report next week.

Kindergarten student, Alliyah Loyie, is proud of the aquarium she designed and created all by herself.
Grade 1 student, Eliza Bigstone, checks on the one butterfly left that is getting ready to hatch. Bigstone and her class had just released 10 happy and healthy butterflies into the sunshine.


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