Joussard School – Students get inside peek

Butch Gagnon, maintenance director for High Prairie School Division, takes time out of his busy day to explain how the heating system of Joussard’s new school works to some very fascinated Grade 2 students.

Joussard Reporter
Hello from Joussard School! April’s reporter is actually Passion Gambler, but she isn’t here today, so this is Nevaeh Thunder-Giroux bringing you our news.

Our students in kindergarten have been busy learning about the creatures that live in the ocean. In Math, they reported that they have been learning about shapes. They are enjoying looking at, discussing, drawing, colouring, sorting and making all kinds of shapes.

In Grade 1, our students have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. They have also been doing lots of practice of their reading skills as Grade 2 is coming up pretty soon!

The Grade 2 students are polishing off their reading skills with technology. Using iPads, they read and recorded a story. Afterwards, they listened to their own reading and decided what was great and what needs to be improved. This is a wonderful way to be responsible for your own reading skills.

The Grade 2 class sends out a huge thank you to Butch Gagnon for taking them on a boiler room tour. This was so much fun and they learned a lot, too.

In Grade 3, our students are very proud of their talents in planning and running an assembly. They put together a video based on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People using themselves as actors. Then they showed this video to the school, performing the roles of announcers themselves. These Grade 3 kids deserve to be proud of themselves.

Our Grade 4 students are enjoying the experiments that they have been doing in Science as they have learned about light and darkness. In L.A., they have reported that they are now doing a novel study.

In Grade 4/5, our students certainly enjoyed the presentation by George Chalifoux, Wildfire Ranger, and his team. Our whole school learned about how important it is to put out campfires in order to prevent wildfires.

We also learned all about the different careers involved in firefighting. Some of our students were very interested in these types of careers.

The students in Grade 6 are busy planning for their cake walk which they will run tomorrow. This activity is lots of fun and you can go home with a fabulous cake for $1 or $2!

The Grade 6 kids have lots of ideas for field trips, so they have been working hard, using their creative ideas to raise money so that they can go on these trips.

We are all looking forward to having Steve Harmer, a magician, come to our school tomorrow. He will teach us, using magic, how to be bucket fillers. This means to build each other up, to have confidence in ourselves and to work together for the good of everyone.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for reading my report and please read my friend Passion’s report next week.

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