Joussard School raises $824.25 at Terry Fox Run

Reporters Olivia Bellerose, left, and Jewel Burlock-Laboucan report the news this week from Joussard School.
Jewel Burlock-Laboucan
Olivia Bellerose
Joussard Reporters

Hello, my name is Jewel Burlock-Laboucan and this is my assistant, Olivia Bellerose. We will be collecting the news from each classroom for our report to the South Peace News.

As we talked to the kindergarten children, we found out they are learning all about being friends. They informed us they can identify what kindness is and know how to be kind to each other. Learning how to make and keep friends is a huge part of kindergarten.

In Grade 1, our students reported they are learning how to play a whole bunch of tag games. This sounds like lots of fun! The kids also reported they made bear faces in Art class and this was a lot of fun, too.

Our Grade 2 students are learning all about the animals around them and how they live, especially how they are getting ready for winter. Although students are enjoying this nice weather, we know that the cold and snow are coming.

Students in Grade 3 are saying goodbye to their lovely substitute teacher, Madison Rose. She will certainly be missed and the whole school is so grateful to Rose for stepping up and helping us out when we needed her. Grade 3 will welcome Navneet Bajwa next week.

In Grade 4, our students are learning all about composting. They are building their own composters and will watch and see

Showing fabulous leadership skills, Terrance Okemow raised $239.25 for cancer research through his Terry Fox Run.
how things break down. This should be very interesting.

Grade 5 students are certainly enjoying their Science lessons as they are using batteries and bulbs and learning how to create electrical currents. This kind of learning is lots of fun!

Our Grade 6 students are enjoying being the oldest in the school. They are role models for the rest of the children and are stepping up to this responsibility well. They are currently very excited to be planning a haunted house with the school council for Family Fun Night.

We are very proud of our little school as we raised $824.25 for cancer research during our Terry Fox Run.

That’s it for today! Please look for our report next week.


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