Joussard School – Look out Grade 1! Here we come!

Teacher and student rejoice to realize they made it through the year! Hannah Madill, left, likely feels more like a survivor than student. Tessa Ominiyak-Thunder is proud to move on to Grade 1!

Tatiana Willier-Cardinal reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Tatiana Willier-Cardinal
Joussard Reporter

Hello, this is Tatiana Willier-Cardinal bringing you the last report of the year from Joussard School. It’s been a great year – lots of fun, lots of learning, lots of friends!

Our Grade 6 students are feeling rather sad at leaving their little community school behind. But, this sadness won’t last long as they will soon be excited for the new, bigger junior high school.

We had a great last week, spending our time on cleaning up, coding our little robots and playing outside with our friends in the lovely weather.

All of the students here spent the day at Hilliard’s Bay on Tuesday, where we engaged in lots of Indigenous activities and games. We had fabulous weather for our day. The next day it rained, but that was OK because we all went to the Incredibles 2 movie in High Prairie.

By far, the cutest activity that we had this last week was our Kindergarten graduation. It doesn’t seem to matter what the little tots do – they are cute! We now have a new group of eager children all ready for Grade 1.

When interviewed as to what they were looking forward to now that school is over the kids stated that they were going to sleep in, go camping, go quadding, visit relatives in B.C., go to powwows, go to celebrations for July 1, go to the Elks Stampede, and play ball hockey. It seems like everyone will be busy.

We hope no one will forget that High Prairie School Division has a Book Automobile coming around to the communities with lots of literacy things to do so that everyone keeps reading all summer long.

On behalf of Joussard School, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. School resumes on Sept. 4 and soon after, we will have school reports for you to read once again.

Thank you very much for checking out our news each week.

Two little girls – ready for the big world of Grade 1! Alaina Stecik, left, and Tessa Ominiyak-Thunder are all smile and happy to announce that they are moving on!
Holding the sign that says it all, Troy Bellerose is ready for the next step in learning! It doesn’t seem to matter what the little tots do – they are cute!
Nevaeh Prince gets ready for a shopping trip to Wal-mart! For coming to school every single day this year, she receives a gift certificate for $50.
Kindergarten graduate, Weston Gaudette looking mighty dapper in his suit and tie, is delighted with his graduation and his piece of cake.


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