Joussard School – Book Fair exceeds expectations

Jayla Willier reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Jayla Willier
Joussard Reporter

Greetings to everyone from Joussard School! My name is Jayla Willier and I am bringing you our news.

In kindergarten, our students have already caught the Christmas spirit. They have spent the last week expressing their creativity as they decorate their classroom. Students in Grade 1 are proud to report they are beginning readers! They are now able to read quite a few words. This makes books more interesting.

Our students in Grade 2 are learning how to eat healthy. This is a great study and will be helpful for our kids their whole lives. They also reported that they are having a great time playing Capture the Flag in the gym.

In Grade 3, our students report that they are getting to be quite the scientists in their study of rocks and minerals.

The Grade 4 students are very pleased to announce that their classroom garden is showing lots of green. They are finding it so exciting to check each day to see if green stuff has emerged. They are also looking forward to going snowshoeing soon. With all of this snow, it should be idea conditions for snowshoes.

Our Grade 5 students are enjoying all of the Math centres that their teacher has set up for them. This helps them learn math skills better and is a lot of fun, too!

And, in Grade 6, we are so pleased to announce that the book fair, that we helped run, exceeded all of our expectations. We hoped to sell $1,600 but we actually sold $2,354.15! That means there are lots of new books in our families’ homes! We are very happy about this.

There is a lot of excitement and secrecy in our school as our students shop for their mothers, fathers and grandparents in the Holiday Gift Shop that Doris Willier has set up. Hopefully, our students can keep their gifts secret until Christmas!

Thanks for reading my report. Please check in with me next week.


Grade 1 student, Breanna Auger-Collins, left, shops for presents for her mom and dad in Doris Willier’s Holiday Gift Shop. Hope she can keep her gifts hidden!
Grade 6 students, Jayla Willier, left, and Syara Brassard happily point out the wonderful amount that the JOussard School Book Fair raised. It means lots of books in students’ homes and lots of extra ones for the school.

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