Joussard Grades 3 make totem poles

Wapastim Isadore- Bellerose reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Wapastim Isadore-Bellerose
Joussard Reporter

Hello! This is Wapastim once again, bringing you our school news.

In kindergarten, our students report they are learning how to print the letter ‘P’, what sound it makes and are finding all kinds of things that start with ‘P’. They are also learning about the primary colours and are having fun finding things that show these colours.

Our Grade 1 students have been busy learning all kinds of things in Math. They are proud to announce they made pattern books to show they know how to identify and continue patterns. They are also learning to subitize using their iPads. This means that they can recognize at a glance, how many objects are in a group, instead of having to count them. This is a very handy skill to have in Math.

The Grade 1 kids are also learning to write poetry and illustrate their poems. This is a busy classroom with lots of learning happening.

In Grade 2, our students are learning all about antonyms – these are opposites, and the students are doing very well with identifying them. They also let me know they are having a great time playing floor hockey in P.E.

Students in Grade 3 were so very proud of the totem poles they created in their Cree Culture class. They learned about the history of totem poles and what the different parts of them represent.

In Grade 4, our students are learning all about pollution and how to protect the air we breathe. They are learning it is great to live in Northern Alberta, because the air is pretty clean here compared to other places.

Our Grade 5 students are away today, learning lots at their land-based learning experience in Sucker Creek. Skinning a beaver is part of today’s study – what a cool subject!

In Grade 6, our students are learning all about improper fractions and mixed numbers in Math. This is kind of tough stuff to learn; they are having much more fun in P.E., playing Capture the Flag and British Bulldog.

We are so grateful to Don Ebbett for representing soldiers during our Remembrance Day Ceremony. He comes to help us out every year and we certainly appreciate him.

That’s it for today, please check in with me next week.

Grade 4 students Kaydence Willier, left, and Alexia Ward, showed incredible leadership skills as they emceed the Remembrance Day Ceremony with Don Ebbett, president of the High Prairie Royal Canadian Legion.
Levon Okimaw, centre, wields the knife carefully as he learns how to skin a beaver from Ron Willier, right, Braidin Chalifoux looks on and also learns how it is done.


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